Posted by: James Peters | March 5, 2020

World Handicap System 2020

The rules of golf went through considerable changes in 2019, but 2020 promises a much bigger transformation, this time concerning the way that the handicap system works.

The World Handicap System (WHS) has been developed by the R&A and the USGA and it will be introduced by the Home (CONGU) Unions on 2nd November 2020.

Features of the WHS will include:

  • A consistent handicap index that is portable from course to course and country to country through worldwide use of a Course and Slope rating system already used successfully in the USA and other countries.
  • An average based calculation of a handicap index taken from the best 8 of the last 20 scores submitted in qualifying rounds, but with a safety mechanism to ensure that a player’s handicap cannot increase by more than 5 shots during a 12 month period.
  • A calculation (similar to CSS) that considers the impact that abnormal course and weather conditions might have on a player’s performance each day.
  • A limit of a net double bogey (for handicapping purposes only) on the maximum score on a hole.
  • A maximum handicap limit of 54, regardless of gender

Course Rating and Slope Rating

Course Rating replaces Standard Scratch (SSS) in the new system and represents the score that a scratch golfer is expected to achieve on the course.

Slope Rating represents the relative difficulty of a course from a specific set of tees for a ‘bogey’ golfer compared to a ‘scratch’ golfer. A course with many hazards, long carries and thick rough will have a higher slope rating because these features are more of a challenge to the bogey golfer. A golfer’s handicap for a specific course is determined by multiplying the player’s Handicap Index by the ratio of the course Slope Rating divided by the ‘neutral’ slope of 113.

Watch this space!

Posted by: James Peters | March 16, 2018

Update on the rules of golf

The R&A and the USGA have unveiled the new Rules of Golf which will come into force on 1 January 2019, so you better get swatting up on them before next year.

Some of the changes from the proposed changes include dropping from knee height, no penalty for a double hit and elimination of moved ball penalties.

For full details please click here

Posted by: James Peters | January 27, 2018

Preparing for the 2019 changes

As most of us are aware there are some major revisions to the rules of golf as well as the introduction of the new World Handicap System, due to be introduced in 2019. It is important that we all keep up to date on these changes so I would like to give a brief summary of where we are so far, and where to find information about developments as they are unveiled over the course of this year.

World Handicap System

The R&A and USGA announced in 2017 that they would be working with golf handicapping authorities around the world to develop a single World Handicap System which would be adopted by all countries worldwide. Firm proposals are expected ‘early this year’ but so far no details have been forthcoming.

When the details are finally announced there will be a period of ‘education’ to familiarise golf clubs and golfers with the new system. The information at present seems to point to a full introduction in 2020.

Rule changes

The R&A and USGA have also announced a major set of proposed changes to the Rules of Golf to be implemented from 2019.

Examples of some of the changes are:

  • Flagsticks will no longer have to be removed for balls on the green
  • Damage to the green such as spike marks or pitch marks can be repaired before a putt is taken
  • Loose impediments such as leaves, stones etc. can be removed from a bunker before taking a shot.
  • Time allowed to search for a lost ball will be reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

A new edition of the Rules of Golf handbook is being prepared which should be clearer and will even have pictures and diagrams!

The details of these changes, featuring some short video explanations can be found on the R&A website

The England Golf Union also have an informative website

Doug Atchison

Posted by: whitelodgegolf | August 11, 2017

Summer 2017

It has been busy and successful Summer for the White Lodge Ladies with highlights as follows:

Recent Trophy winners –

White Lodge Cup – Joan Mulcahy

Charity Day Cup – Linda Gray

New Member’s Cup – Mari Hastings

Captain’s Cup – Linda Gray

Jubilee Cup – Sheila McGregor

Club Charity Day:

Our Club Charity Day – organised by the Men’s Captain – was a great success and enjoyed by all, and well attended by 44 W.L. members in total. We raised £330 on the day which will be added to our charity fund ( The Princess Alice Hospice .) Thank you to every one for supporting and making it a most enjoyable day.

Roy Oliver

Lingfield Away Weekend

A great event organised so efficiently this year by Sue Prag – with a –

Hole in One – for Anne James – well done Anne.

Druce Trophy – a prestigious Surrey Ladies Event

We were well represented by our gallant team of Sue Prag, Sue Dearden, Angela Flynn and Jenny Lawrence – who whilst not carrying off the trophy, beat 12 other Surrey clubs on a long and difficult course on a jolly hot day.

…and finally –

Captain’s Team V Secretary’s Team event:

The triumphant Secretary’s Team beat the Captain’s team 7-1 goodness gracious!. Here they are …. Judy’s 7 badges representing her 7 wins !!

Posted by: tomflynn59 | December 17, 2016

Turkey Trot – biggest of 2016

The 2016 Turkey Trot (TT) is a joint event for WL Men and Ladies. The 2016 TT was played on Thursday 16th Dec, for the Peter Ip Trophy.

There were 62 entrants making this the biggest event in 2016. The scene in the clubhouse was fantastical with a many players supporting hats, outfits or flashing attachments. We were ready for a day of fun – & golf !!!

The size of the field meant a multi tee start was needed . A miracle of organisation by Roy Oliver & Sheila McGregor resulted in a smooth start at 08.00 on Dukes. The various start groups all managed to join up with each other seamlessly.

It was a perfect autumn day for golf with ground conditions virtually ideal. Players completed their rounds from shortly after 12.00. The clubhouse quickly filled with WL Members, who were brilliantly treated, by Glendale staff, to a Christmas meal of turkey with all the trimmings, followed by mince pie – washed down by a range of refreshments.

Ladies winner was Glenis Clarke with Richard Smith winning the Men’s Event & Peter Ip Trophy with a great gross score of 4 over par. Best dressed awards went to Ken Moore & Jackie Barley as Mr & Mrs Santa.

WL gave gifts to:

  • Gary & his ground staff, and wished him well in his new role.
  • The catering staff, with a particular appreciation of Barbara.


Captain Fantastic in impassioned “full flow”

A special round of thanks and appreciation was given to Roy Oliver (Captain Fantastic) for the excellent job he had done on the day, which topped off a similar performance for the previous 2 years. Roy responded by looking forward to a “fantastic” 2017.





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